"Like all the best theories, the model that Dr Lisa Lahey presented intuitively resonated with me and felt obvious once she had outlined it. The approach was deceptively simple, but I can see it being an extremely powerful way of thinking about change and how to make it stick.

Her facilitation of the workshop was very engaging and enabled us to understand and use the approach in a very straight forward way. I left feeling that I had a practical method that I could take away and start using immediately, both on myself and within my organisation. I also loved that we applied the model to gender equality, which we were passionate about, but it could equally be applied to a whole range of other changes."

Sonja Ruddock - NAB (attendee at Level The Playing Field 2014)

The 100% Project would like to thank participants who attended ‘Level the Playing Field: Are we Immune to Change?’ for their contribution to a successful event. It is with their ongoing support to our organisation and commitment to changing the practices and mindsets within organisations, that we can fully realise the leadership potential of both men and women.

On June 26 2014, The 100% Project held 'Level The Playing Field' an Immunity to Change Masterclass to address the lack of gender balanced leadership. The Masterclass was a great success and brought together leaders from a wide range of organisations.

Facilitated by Lisa Lahey, participants worked in collaboration to examine  why good intentions and previous actions aimed at reducing or eliminating gender leadership inequity have not achieved the expected outcomes; and create solutions for the under-representation of women in senior leadership positions. Such solutions involved discarding immutable practices, and going beyond the current ‘know how’, to create new behaviours that will work to increase the representation of women in leadership roles.

Using the Immunity to Change methodology Lisa Lahey demonstrated how individual beliefs – along with the collective mindsets in organisations – combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. She revealed how this mechanism holds people back, and provided insight into ways of unlocking potential, moving yourself and your organisation forward.

Photos from the Masterclass can be viewed here

Issue 15, May 2014

New Chair, new office, new board...


In this issue of Beyond The Spin our new Chair outlines his views on our exciting future, as well as acknowledging our past. We give you a full rundown on our June Masterclass with Harvard's Dr Lisa Lahey - Level The Playing Field: Are We Immune To Change? You will also learn about our planned changes to Beyond The Spin and discover how you can be part of the change this country truly needs and deserves.

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