" ...thankyou for orchestrating such an event.
The voices of all those women and men, and the conversations that were had,
have provided me much inspiration"
Amanda Perris (attendee at Level The Playing Field 2013)

26th June 2014

Queen Victoria Women's Centre Melbourne

Many of us have implemented excellent strategies intended to influence gender balance in leadership.  Some of these are truly outstanding. Despite these great attempts, true commitment and intentions however, the reality is that all too often the intended outcome of gender balanced leadership does not occur. There continues to be focus and support to change the status quo; however it seems that our progress has stalled.

If this is a familiar challenge, come to this one day masterclass “Immunity to Change” with Dr Lisa Lahey where you can immerse yourself in exploration and discussion to understand what else needs to happen to get the progress you want.

Following the success of our Adaptive Leadership Symposium in 2013 with Marty Linsky (Harvard University), we are continuing to bring global thought leaders to Australia, providing opportunities to engage in outcome-oriented sessions that address the challenge of gender equity in Australia.

In our upcoming Masterclass Level the playing field: Are we immune to change?, Dr Lisa Lahey will dive further into the issues and unresolved questions relating to gender balanced leadership in Australia.

In The Masterclass, we will explore the reasons why the change we want in relation to a more equitable and effective distribution of leadership responsibility in Australia has been so elusive. Dr Lahey will help participants explore their ‘Immunity to Change’, at individual level as well as from an organisational and systems perspective.  Participants will gain previously unrealised insight into why good intentions and previous actions aimed at reducing or eliminating gender leadership inequity have not achieved expected outcomes.

You will gain practical experience in applying the Immunity to Change methodology, for the purpose of overcoming resistance, converting good intention into action and driving real change.

Those who are frustrated or disappointed with current change efforts (their own and those of others) and who want guidance in how to turn things around, will find very practical "how to" advice during the Masterclass, illustrated through a variety of successful real-life, individual and team improvement examples.

Outcomes of the Masterclass

In this one day Masterclass with Dr Lahey you can expect to

  • Gain insight into why good intentions and previous actions on addressing gender imbalance have not translated into expected outcomes.
  • Identify your own personal Immunity to Change, focusing on goals that will lead you to be a more effective contributor to creating gender balance.
  • Explore Immunity to Change in relation to gender balanced leadership, from an organisational and system perspective.
  • Gain practical experience and tips to apply the Immunity to Change methodology to the issue of gender balanced leadership.

Dr. Lisa Lahey is the research director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is the co-founder and senior consultant at Minds at Work, a developmentally oriented consulting firm that works with businesses and schools to turn workplace problems and issues into opportunities for transformational learning. She received her doctorate in human development from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She is the co-author of How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2001), and Immunity to Change: How to Overcome it and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organisation. In Immunity to Change, Lahey shows how individual beliefs along with the collective mind sets in organisations combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. She reveals how this mechanism holds people back, and provides insight into ways to unlock potential and move yourself and your organisation forward.

Issue 14, Christmas 2013


More than just a women's issue.  

We explore how the link between better performance and increased flexible working means it is no longer just a gender equality issue, but modern business strategy. We look at why this culture change can be so hard to achieve, the impact of our unconscious bias and what the Right to Request legislation tells us.

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